Thursday, February 2, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Skyping in 2012

Today the new students from our class Skyped for the second time, the first time with another class.  We were lucky enough to be able to Skype with students from St Clair's School in Dunedin.  Before we made the connection we talked about who had been to Dunedin (three of us) and what we knew about Dunedin (which was not very much, only that it was in the South Island and it was cold).  We looked on google maps and found out there was nearly 1,000km between our schools!  You can visit their wonderful blog by clicking on the link here.

We had to go to a PE session in the middle block but Brae (filmed), Sam (technical expert), Sarah, Damien and Veronica were able to talk to the class and as World Ukulele Day is coming up we were lucky enough to have the students from St Clairs play and sing to us! We then answered some questions as you can see in the video!

Following this we tried our first call to the United States of America! We spoke to Mr Miller whose a teacher in California - there weren't any students in his class but he was able to talk about his class, and we were surprised to find out although it was Thursday morning in New Zealand it was only Wednesday afternoon in the USA!  You can visit Mr Millers wonderful blog by clicking on the link here.


  1. Wow Room 8 it looks like you have had an exciting few days at school.

    I'm Stephanie and I teach a Year 7/8 class down in Wellington. Do you think in a few weeks my class can contact yours to find out more about videoing?

    Room 15 Teacher

  2. Hello Mr. Webb,

    This is Mr. Lister from Central Elementary School in British Columbia, Canada. As part of our Quadblogging Project perhaps we could arrange to Skype with our classes. I believe the time difference from Vancouver (PST) to New Zealand is +19 hours which works out well for a afternoon call from Canada.

    Have you or any of your class visited Canada before?

    Please let us know if Skyping is a possibility.

    Have a great day

    Mr. Lister

  3. Mellville Intermediate,

    Skyping sounds pretty fun. Maybe one day our classes could skype. Do you need a webcam to skype? Or is there a computer program? there is a 19+ time diffrence though. I'm sure we could find a time when we are both daytime.

    Until the next posts,


  4. Hi this is Jiayao from Chilliwack B.C. I like the video very much, but I can't see the video properly so I think that maybe you can just record it. I didn't see properly, so can you tell me what was the video all about? I love videos, please tell me what was it about!