Sunday, February 12, 2012

Melville Intermediate - School Lunches 2012

This is the school lunch orders for Friday 10th February 2012 and shows the lunches that students at Melville Intermediate School can order, which they do from Mrs Brown the Cooking Teacher, before School.


  1. I think it's cool how you can order lunch at schoool by writing your name on a piece of paper in Mrs Brown's room at school. Also I like it how You put it on your blog so that people can see what you do at your school for lunch.
    Your freind in New Zealand

    1. Hi my name is Julie.

      I go to Central Elementary school in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We have orders of lunches at our school to but we call it Hot Lunch. We have all sorts of food to order once we had pizza and it was good. Whats you favourite food? I hope you can reply back soon.


  2. Hello this is Sophie from Chilliwack,BC Canada

    Our school Central Elemuntry Commmuntiy School has hot lunches on Friday's,Mostly. On Firday February 26 at 12:30 we will be getting sandwish from subway deliver to us. Your school does it a little different from us. You get the forms a week or two weeks befor the day, then on that day subways comes or someone from our school goes to and get it.

    I have a question, does everyone at Meliville Intermediate School get a lunch that day even if they don't bring back their ording form?

    Thanks form Sophie

  3. Hello Mr. Brown, my name is Christina and from Chilliwack, British Columbia. We don't order lunch, but we have hot lunch. Once we had hot lunch we got pizza! Do you have hot lunch?