Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Melville Intermediate - The Class of 2012 is Here!

We're back at School for 2012 - and what a better way to introduce the class then by showing these digital camera self portraits of some of our 2012 Melville Intermediate School students...


  1. Hello Class of 2012!

    We watched your slideshow today in class after our snack time. We are looking forward to seeing all the cool things you do at your school this year. Your blog is one of our favourites because of the videos that you post. We followed the Survivor series right to the end and we even boogied when we saw the Year 8's end of year dance.

    Hope you can blog us soon.

    Have a great week back!
    From New Town 2nd Grade Superstars,
    North Carolina, U.S.A

  2. Dear Rm 8
    We've been excited to start our new school year and we're planning to get busy with our camera too.
    Today we got lots of photos because some of the Crusaders rugby players visited our school. We had a lot of fun with a raft race in the pool and a game of Rippa Rugby.

    We look forward to reading about your learning this year.

    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  3. Jambo! Karibuni! Class of 2012!!!
    We look forward to your updates - we will be following your progress from your blog and hope we get a chance to do some collaboration. Have a great year!
    Your friends at IST in Dar es Salaam - Tanzania.
    --Mr. McKillip

    1. Hi my name is Julie.

      I go to Central Elementary School in Chilliwack B.C.
      I like a beginning of a new school year and I get to learn about new things. Whats your favorite thing about being in a new class and learning new things? Whats your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject in school is art and gym. I hope you reply soon.

  4. Hi this is Sophie from Chilliwack, BC Canada

    Miss.Bartel and Mr. Lister's class our using Ipods with Camera on them for work. My partner Sereen and I our using the cameras for our science experiment on, My potato project, the important of organic.

    I have some questions, Do you guys have Christmas break? if you do when did you guess come back from Christmas Break?