Sunday, September 29, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Ski Trip Recount Day Two

This recount was written by Chloe from Room Five and is about the Melville Intermediate School Ski Trip (Day Two) that took place in Week Six of Term Three.

We all woke up and we got told to get into our snow gear we were all in our snow gear we had some breakfast and I had bacon an eggs it was nice. We all brushed our teeth and we went to get our hired gear witch was our boots, pants (if need), snowboard and wrist guards and everybody had done all made it down we had to have a lesson we went for a run down the mountain we had a 2 hour lesson it was tiring we had finished our lesson and we got to go anywhere in Happy Valley.   We had some lunch it was chips, ham and chesses buns and biscuits. Then we got to go back out snowboarding we ended the day with having a last ride on the magic carpet. The magic carpet is like a little escalator but with NO steps. We went back up the chairs lifts and dropped off our hired gear and went back up the to the  top with our boots and snowboard and everyone got up the lodge we were locked out so Mr Keegan rang Jodi who was in her office so she ran down the steps and unlocked the door. We all went and ran to our rooms got dressed cause we were all wet from the snow everyone got change we hanged out for about half an hour then it was dinner time we had spaghetti bolognaise and like it we had about 10 minutes and most people played foosball and we had pudding we had fruit crumble and ice cream we all ate it we had half an hour till bed we were playing I dear you and taking pitchers and videos. Then it was time to go to bed that was the end of day 2.

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