Monday, September 2, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 8C Selwyn House in Minecraft

We've been working on our Selywn House School models for the past week and a half in Mathematics for Geometry.   Those of you who've been following us with the series of posts will know that we originally used the Figure It Out Books 'Room with a View' as our inspiration for this activity.  We modified it slightly - we used blogging comments to start constructing our maps and when we didn't get enough information we went back and left follow up comments.  The allowed us to create our two dimensional models.  We then used this to create our block models of 8C Selwyn House, we then collaborated with them and modified our designs.  The final stage in this process, from two dimensional model to three dimensional model was for our students to use Minecraft to create a three dimensional model of the classroom.   This is Elizabeths model of the inside of Selwyn House, Christchurch.

This is what Elizabeth wrote about the task:

For Maths, Mr Webb asked us to choose a class, ask them some questions that would get us information about what there class looks like, and draw out our version of what we think the class looks like from the information that we got back from them. I chose 8c Selwyn House and asked them about 32 questions. I wanted to get as much information as I could so I could get the classroom exactly right. I ended up getting it wrong but I don’t mind because it was really fun to draw the classroom and create it on Minecraft. Here are my screenshots:


  1. Wow Elizabeth! Thats pretty good considering all the different answers you were given. I dont know if I could have done that!

    Ella, 8C Happenings

  2. wow that is really good Elizabeth i really like our class room :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I think the classroom is great! It's very similar. How long did it take you to make it?


    1. Hi Juliette :)
      It didnt take me that long, maybe 30 mins or so. My whole project probably took a week or 2 though.


  4. Hi this is Chelsea from 8C,
    I really appreciate your work Elizabeth.
    Our classroom looks awesome!

  5. Hi Elizabeth and Room 5,

    Even though it is not perfect you have done a pretty good job especially because all you have had to build this were questions and a video. Have you used Minecraft before?

    Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I have used minecraft before, I play it on my tablet everyday, I have the demo version and the real version. :)

    2. By the way, that is from Elizabeth (me), not Myles and this message is also by Elizabeth (me)

  6. Nice work Elizabeth, it's good to see that you enjoyed the process, because most of us did too.

    Well done,
    Sarah Be, 8c

  7. Hi Room 5,

    Good job Elizabeth! That is very good and I like it.
    I think you are working hard to make the classroom of 8C Selwyn House in Minecraft.

    Moeka 8C Sekwyn House.

  8. Well done you have done such an amazing job! Even though our instructions may have been a bit confusing. We have been using minecraft in class to I find its a great way to express our learning in a different way.

    Nadia, 8C

  9. Hi Elizabeth,

    This is a really good try Elizabeth.
    This would be an interesting task to try in our class.

    Lilli 8C

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    you're minecraft version of our classroom is really cool. Even though you didn't get it right I think it's really unique and awesome!

    From, Sarah Br
    8C happenings

  11. Elizabeth that does sound like a challenging task and I think you did well, especially about asking lots of questions. If you could change some of your questions, what would you change?

  12. hi my name is james and is was thinking how long did it take to make that in minecraft because it looks like it took a long time.