Monday, September 23, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Imagine, Create, Illustrate

Imagine, Create, Illustrate MIS Show

On Tuesday 17th September 2013 there wawhen its a show called Imagine, Create, Illustrate it all started at 1.30pm when the people who have paid for the show went into the hall and sat on the stairs and got ready for the  show to begin. After 5 minutes a man was talking to us about his childhood then he was doing a play about us when we were 3 yrs old  it was really funny because he poured water all over him and then after that a lady tought us how to draw aacarrot, apple a monkey and said just a little bit of detail can change the whole art work or drawing. I really enjoyed the whole show and I would say it was worth $5.  Report by Wattana Room Five.

The lady was drawing  cartoon figures and she was teaching us how to follow somone while they are drawing the same picture . The man told us to write somthing random about your figure I chose to say somthing about a volcano and a jungle . While that time I really enjoyed my time there as they really taught me some new skills with my art and writing skills .

report by Harry from Room Five.  The art in this post was created by the students who were inspired by the show.   The performance was at Melville Intermediate School on Tuesday 17th September 2013.


  1. I really like this piece of writing. I like the way you used picture so the reader had more of an idea of what the drawings look like. Next time maybe you could check your capital letters.

    1. Thanks for letting us know but at the time we were drawing in a rush because the man said just write down anything you want about your character. When i was drawing my monkey i got confused on what the woman was telling us to draw she told us to try not make your monkey look to big but I usually like to draw really large pictures . Thanks for commenting on our recounts and pictures
      Harry and Wattana Rooom Five.
      Wattana and Harry .

  2. Wow Melville Intermediate looks like you've done a great job on this artwork. Some of the artwork you guys have posted is really creative, well done.