Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 3d Modelling Room 15 @ Tawa Intermediate

Today we got back into one of our Mathematics activities that were completing before the end of term - the mapping of Room Fifteen @ Tawa Intermediate School.   This process has been a bit more drawn out than expected but thats because of the challenge that has been posed by a classroom that dosen't have a traditional set up.  What Room 15@ TIS are is extremely active online, so today the 'ban' from our classroom teacher was lifted allowing our students to look online at everything they could find.  We've had some wonderful questioning prior but we spent this morning looking at Room Fifteen from an online perspective.  The students then compared this to their notes that they'd taken, the feedback from the students that they'd received and reworked the maps that we've already been working on.  The group that was told in the first round of mapping was the closet, the Lumpy Space Princesses, were able to refine their model and then start constructing Room Fifteen in Minecraft.


  1. Hi room 5
    I am looking forward to seeing it in minecraft. You have set your self a challenge with our class room it being so free planned and not normal. Good luck happy crafting :)
    From Giorgione tawa int room 15

  2. I think that this has been the biggest hurdle for our classroom - thinking about all the different and wonderful things that you have (like no teachers desk!) that caused us to think lots. Hopefully the Minecraft models will look close!