Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Is THIS Room 15 @ Tawa Intermediate School?

As part of Geometry for Mathematics we are attempting to create scale maps of classrooms, we have already created maps of own classroom and Selwyn House School from Christchurch.  Both these experiences provided us with better questioning and reasoning.  However our newest challenge has really tested our students - a map of Room Fifteen at Tawa Intermediate School.   They've got some unusual learning stations and classroom set up (no teachers desk for instance!).  We orginally had a detailed description of the classroom provided by one of the students, Tom.  We then reworked that description with additional information provided in the form of questions asked through the Room Fifteen class page.  Today each Mathematical group in Room Five presented their version of Tawa Intermediate School - and as you can see from the videom, four different groups would appear to mean four different maps!
Is this Tawa Intermediate School? from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hello Room 5 @ Melville Intermediate School,

    My name is Aliciahk from Mrs.Donofrio's class at http://bdonofrio.edublogs.org/ and I was going through your blog and I watched the video about you guys trying draw the other classes classroom by the description they gave you. I thought they were awesome and I thought the names of the teams were cool too! I don't know what the real class that you were drawing looked like but if I had to say something about them,they were all great in my opinion. I thought it was a cool project and keep doing what your doing I am excited to what the next post will be.

    Your friend,

  2. Hello Melville Room Five!
    We here at Hey, Kids! really enjoyed your videos. We thought you were well spoken, created neat maps, invented cool names for your groups, and had cool accents! Did you like doing this project? We see that you are quadblogging buddies with Tawa Intermediate. What other projects have you done with them?
    We are in our second year of blogging and would like to start putting some videos on our blog. You are inspiring to us. What do you like most about blogging?
    We hope to connect with you often this year.
    Keep up the great work!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio and the Hey, Kids! students

  3. Hi room 5
    Helen and I Giorgione from Tawa Intermediate have watched your video and have some feedback for you. First you have all made great designs but still need to have some changes. Our tables are spread out around the class room and they are different shapes and that behind the middle wall are desks I hope that helps you. We have buckets instead of desks that we carry around the class room with our books and stuff. From Giorgione and Helen

  4. Hi Melville intermediate it is Tom here from room 15

    I am sorry but none of them are right but the 1st one is the closest to are room. You did really well trying to get are classroom, you were so close, How about you try again and ask us some questions. I am sure you will get it next time.

  5. Hello Melville Int

    The lumpy space princesses are the closest out of all of you but are still a long way from it. Let us remind you that we only have one table in the middle of the classroom. And all the desks are in the back and there are no doors to the back room it's just a big gap in the wall. Also our tables are around the sides, and the door in the back room leads outside to the college and our whiteboard is on the wall.

    -Jono and Ram

  6. Hi room 5
    All of the designs were good but the tables were in the wrong places, the tables are spread out around the class and all the desks are out the back. We only have one table that is facing the whitebord and its the banana table. We dont put our books and stuff in desks we put them in buckets.
    By Luke

  7. Hey Melville.Room5

    Teah And Grace here from Tawa Intermediate you guys did a very great job on your measuring and stuff thank you so much for the hard work and effort. Our class would be very proud thanks. and One Question would you like us to do something for you??

    From Teah and Grace

  8. Hi room 5, it's Josh here from Tawa Intermediate. I like all of your drawing but our desks are spread out around the classroom and the bench is in front of the middle wall so is the shelf's. We have a corner where there's a small white board with the couch and some chairs.

    From Josh.W

  9. Hi Melville intermediate.

    I think that the drawing from lumpy space princesses is the closest because the tables and the middle wall seem to be in the right but the white board should be on the other side.Another tip is that the roof goes up on an angle before the roof gets to the middle wall.I hope you guys in room 5 can get our class to look the same in minecraft.

  10. Hey Room 5 my name is Josh from Tawa Internediate room 15.

    I think your project is pretty cool I am looking foward to seeing what will come next.

    I think you have really explanend it really well.

    some of our deskes are on the side in frount of the wite bord and on the right side of the room in the corner there is a small wite bord and a couch a chear and 4 small sets.

    At the back there are deskes and a back door leading to the collage.

  11. Hey Melville Room 5,

    Hey my name is Quintin what I thought about you maps was that you work hard to make them and that you thought about your ideas but our class isn't like we have chairs that move and we have different shapes for our table weird isn't it. :)


  12. Hey Melville Room Five

    I'm Corban from Tawa Intermediate School and I thought your video was really well explanatory. I think you did really well on preparing it too. Everything in our class is well spread out and we have different type of tables spread around the room with different types of chairs.


  13. Hello Room 5.

    Im Jullian from room 15, Your designs are a bit off, probably the last one is the closest to our class because the tables are more spread. The only thing that you need to know is you need to spread the room out more.

    From Jullian.

  14. Hi guys! I'm Katie, from Mrs. Donofrio's class. I think its really cool what your doing, and that most of your guesses are correct. The name of your teams are creative and funny! Your class and school seems like a really fun place. I hope you are close to what the class looks like.