Friday, September 27, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Room 15@Tawa Intermediate in Minecraft

Nathan G and Daniel have been working on this virtual map of Room Fifteen, Tawa Intermediate School.  They are part of the Lumpy Space Princesses from Room Five.  Earlier this week the group completed a two dimensional grid map of the Tawa Inatermediate classroom folllowing detailed discussion and a first attempt at drawing the classroom.

Today Minecraft was used to construct Room Fifteen on the basis of the grid map.   The buidling took place between 9:00am and 9:30am from start to finish.

This is what Nathan G wrote about the activity:
this is me and Daniels idea of room 15 at Tawa Intermediate. we built this on mine craft with clues from the students in that class. the first picture is a view from above the cloak bay, and in the second picture it is a picture from the white board. behind the wall paintings is the cloak bay.

This is what Daniel wrote about the acitivity:\
Me and Nathan G design on minecraft what we thought what Room 15 at Tawa Intermediate school looked like from the inside. The first thing we had to do was create a 2D model of Room 15 then create a 3D model of Room 15 out of small blocks then the final step was was creating Room 15 on minecraft which took only 45 mins.  

We also completed this task mapping Room 8C from Selwyn House in Christchurch, the details of that post are here.


  1. What an awesome learning experience! I know a couple of kids in Room 2 who would love to have a go at something similar.

    1. Mrs Bradshaw - we'd love to do something collaborative along the lines with you later in the school year. We have thought about doing a school map version to include all of the classrooms and trading school maps to do so so keep in touch next term.
      Mr Webb

  2. Job well done boys! Lots of the children at Pt England School enjoy mine craft as well. You thought really carefully about your ideas. Enjoy your school holidays.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 13

    1. Thanks Miss Lavakula
      I will pass this onto the students after the holidays. We would love to do some form of collaboration with our classrooms, similar to Mrs Bradshaw, so will keep it in mind.

  3. Fabulous job with the room! I am seeing so many interesting applications of Minecraft.

    Thanks for sharing your room!

    Mrs. Y♥llis
    Los Angeles, California

    1. Mrs Yollis
      Always wonderful to hear from you and thank you for the positive thoughts. It was an idea that came orignally from the students so was very pleased to see it develop like it has and its harnessed some creative energy.

  4. Hi Room 5,
    You have created a great attempt at re-creating our classroom, but minecraft probably isn't the best resource to use to create our class because not everything is square! There is actually hardly anything that is square, but you did a pretty good job with minecraft.

    From Helen and MIchelle, Room 15 Tawa Intermediate

  5. Teah,Rosalie,Elizabeth and AmaraOctober 17, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    Hi Melville Intermediate,

    we think that our class looks really cool and creative.
    you've made a really good effort with the minecraft class room.
    was it hard to figure out wheres things and where to put it?

  6. Teah,Rosalie,Elizabeth and AmaraOctober 17, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Hi melville Int

    We think you are very creative and are you thinking of making a model of the school? we think it was really good


  7. HI guys,
    The classroom isn't exactly 100% accurate but it's pretty close. Maybe try looking at the directions again.