Thursday, September 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 3d Modelling in Minecraft

We're fast approaching the end of term in Room Five, and we've attempting to complete our Drawing to Scale/two dimension to three dimension/modelling of another classroom.  As you know we've completed the task with Selwyn House and were trying to currently complete this task for Room Fifteen at Tawa Intermediate - we've set ourselves a deadline of tomorrow, the last day of term, and have been busy working in all four Mathematics groups to complete the task.

These are some of the screen shots from the Minecraft creations of 8c Selwyn House, Room Fifteen Tawa Intermediate and Room Five, Melville Intermediate Schoool.


  1. Hi there, We are VERY impressed with your use of 'Minecraft' for learning. We are BIG fans of Minecraft here in Ireland and will be borrowing some of these clever ideas. Enjoy your well earned break. With every good wish
    2nd Class Room 6, Greystones Ireland

  2. We'd love to see your efforts with it - and we'd love to be to collaborate on something with you at this end, thanks so much for the Halloween post we will be back with our students in two weeks when we've returned to school.

  3. Hi Room 5,

    We loved working with you on this amazing project. You have done a great job and its great to see you doing such deep thinking through Minecraft. It was great for the 8C girls to have to really think hard about how they worded things to give you an accurate description of our room. I noticed their geometry vocabulary growing as we communicated with you.

    So do you want the bad news? We have changed the class around! Ha ha! Want to have another go? (Just kidding!)

    I hope you are enjoying your holidays- we'll be in touch in Term 4. The girls have been offline for a while as they went on the Otago Rail Trail in the last week of term.

    Mrs C-M

  4. Mrs C-M
    Yes thank you for your comments, we saw from your class page that you were on the Otago Rail Trail for the end of the term, and we can't wait to re-connect in Term Four and collaborate again. As you've changed the classroom, that's okay - it was still a valid task, and no we wont repeat it again anytime soon!