Thursday, December 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Bianca Activity Week Recount Part Two

Thisi is the conclusion to Bianca's recount about activity week.

we made some more cards. I made a Christmas card for my niece, big brother, mother, father and big sister. I also made a congratulations card to my big sister and brother in-law, because they are having a baby next year. When I finished all of my cards I helped to clean up the floor. After we had finished cleaning up the floor it was lunch time. For lunch we ordered pizza. Jamie and I had ham and cheese with barbeque sauce on top. Lunch went so fast it was not funny, but Jamie and I were happy because after lunch we were doing something really cool. After lunch we went to the library to watch a movie. Jamie and I brought our beanbags, it was so comfy. The movie we watched was mirror, mirror. We didn’t have any sound for about half an hour. But when we got our sound we started to watch the movie. We only got to watch 3 quarters of the movie. When the bell went we had to go back to the sewing room to get all of our stuff.  Jamie and my hands were really full because we had to take our beanbags, jar, cards, bag and canvas. But we put our cards into our bag and so we only had to take our canvas, jar and beanbag. Once Jamie walked out-side she lost grip of her jar and it fell to the ground. I had put my jar into my bag so then it would be safe. When Jamie dropped her jar all I heard was a bang and I looked back and Jamie’s jar was on the ground. I power walked over to her and helped her to clean it up. Once the jar was cleaned up we went out to the front gate, Jamie hopped into her car and I was standing out-side waiting for my mum but she didn’t come so Jamie’s mum Gail offered a ride to her place.      

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