Monday, December 10, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Activity Week Recount Bianca

On Wednesday 14th, 15th and 16th November 2012, Melville Intermediate School had their annual activity week. I was in Girls stuff it was fun. Day 1: On the first day of activity week when I got to school I helped out Mrs de Waard to clean up and get ready for everyone to arrive. Once everyone got to school we got ready to start. First we made bath bombs. Jamie and I partnered up. Our bath bombs were orange and smelled really nice. We made seven bath bombs each, 6 egg cartons and 1 paua shell. Then after we had had finished we had to pack up and clean up our stuff. Once everyone had finished we all got a biscuit from Mrs de Waard and then we went outside for morning tea. After morning tea we made friend ship bracelets. I made one for my niece and one for me. The first one came out really cool but the second one was really weird. But they still looked cool. Jamie only made one, but it did take her awhile to do, so then it came out really cool. After we had finished and when the lunch bell went we went out side. Then after lunch during RRR we played this dot game. It was fun. After RRR was finished, we made some flowers out of icing. Mrs de Waard had made some flowers herself, so we got to see what they looked like when they were done. Once we started Mrs de Waard was taking us through the steps to make an icing flower. When we had finished we could make any thing we wanted out of icing. We made the flowers to put on our cupcakes.

Day 2: “Yay we are going to have fun at school today at school today,” I say to Jamie. Once Mrs de Waard had finished saying what we were doing today, we started to make icing to put on our cupcakes that Mrs de Waard had made and brought in for us to use. After we had made our icing and put our cupcakes onto an ice-cream container lid we got started. We put our icing on top of our cup-cakes. When we finished putting the icing on our cup-cakes we could put all of our icing creatures on top of our cup-cakes. When we had finished we got a choice of eating one or we could keep them. Jamie and I ate our little ones first. The flavours of the muffins were vanilla. They were so good. I used some of Jamie’s icing letters and flower. I used her V, her L and one of her flower bouquets. After morning-tea we made canvases. We got to put any-thing we wanted onto them. I made mine into a pin board. It was pink checker board material for my back round, then purple ribbon for the edges and for in the middle. Jamie’s one was green with sparkles in it. Most people put ‘LOVE’ on theirs and painted them, so I thought I would be a bit different and not put any paint on it what so ever. After lunch time every-one got to finish of their canvas, but Jamie and I just sat and talked to each-other. After RRR we got ready to go play games on the computers in the computer room. We stayed in there for about 15 minutes, or you could say 5 minutes before the bell went. Jamie and I played on red ball. When we had finished we went back to the sewing room which we got our stuff and went home. I left my canvas there so then the P.V.A glue could dry.

Day 3: When we got to school Mrs de Waard instructed us to all go to the cooking room, Mrs de Waard told us to get into a group of 4. We stare at the white board ‘We must be making muffins today’ I think to myself. Sure enough Mrs de Waard says that we are going to have 2 different types of muffin flavours. There are cheese and chocolate. In my group there was Jamie, Melody, Anathalia and I. In my group we made the chocolate muffins. What made them chocolate is that we put about 5 chocolate buttons in the middle so then the buttons would melt. There were 2 groups that made chocolate and the other 2 made the cheese. After everyone had finished making their muffins we got to take 1 of the muffins from the table across from us. I took mine home to share with my mum. The cheese ones were all rite, but the chocolate ones were the bomb, not just that I made them but the chocolate just made them taste so nice. Then at the moment when we went back to the sewing room the bell went for morning tea. After morning tea we made cards and we could decorate a jar if we wanted to. I started to make some cards and when I had finished making my cards I decorated a jar. I had a machona jar so I took the lid of the jar and took the plastic bit of and stuck some shells into it and then I put the plastic bit back on to it. Jamie did the same thing as well, but I got the idea of her because she started it and I asked if I could do it as well. After we had finished we made some more cards. I made a Christmas card for my niece, big brother, mother, father and big sister. I also made a congratulations card to my big sister and brother in-law, because they are having a baby next year. When I finished all of my cards I helped to clean up the floor. After we had finished


  1. Bianca, I'm so pleased you had a great time! I enjoyed Activity Week immensely too. Your projects were awesome. From Mrs de Waard

  2. Mrs de Waard, thank you for your comments to Bianca they were very much appreciated and I know that she loved being involved in activity week with you.