Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Collaborative Narrative Writng

This morning you need to click on this link here and go to the 'Five Alive!' Kidblog a 5th Grade Class from the USA.  From that site you will see this post of Sophies which is going to be a narrative story.  You are going to contribute one sentence to the story making sure that you follow the rules! Firstly its obviously going to be a narrative story.  Secondly you are bound by the previous post, your sentence MUST follow on in sequence and make sense on the basis of the previous post.  Otherwise the flow of the story is up to you.  When this has been completed please let Mr Webb know.


  1. Hello New Zealand. My fifth grade class in New Jersey, USA is very excited that you visited our blog (Five Alive). We are looking forward to your addition to the narrative that Sophie started. There are other story starters on our blog too that you might want to explore. We are also learning more about narrative writing. Right now, we are working on personal narrative. We are telling a personal story about an important event or memory. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Mrs. Nickerson

  2. Dear Mr. Webb,
    I ma a fifth grade student from Princeton NJ, USA. My class is participating in a global project called Christmas Around The World. We are gathering information about the traditions from other parts of the world and the USA. I would appreciate it if you would ask your students to respond to our questions. They can contact me through my blog on five alive or email my teacher, Mrs. Nickerson.

    Five Alive: http://kidblog.org/FiveAlive/

    Mrs. Nickerson: enickerson@stuartschool.org


    Do you celebrate christmas? if not, what other winter holiday do you celebrate?

    What are some specific traditions that your family has for this holiday?

    What are some holiday traditions you have at your school?

    Do you have a favorite holiday song?
    thank you for your participation.
    Qawiyya ( pronounced kuh-wee-ah)