Thursday, December 20, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Can you help Qawiyya?

Although its the holdiays, I received this wonderful comment on a recent post from Mrs Nickersons Class, who are part of a global Christmas Project.  Mrs Nickerson and her class are relativley new to blogging but I thought that our audience might be able to help.  Here is Qawiyya's original comment:

Dear Mr. Webb, 
I'm a a fifth grade student from Princeton NJ, USA. My class is participating in a global project called Christmas Around The World. We are gathering information about the traditions from other parts of the world and the USA. I would appreciate it if you would ask your students to respond to our questions.
They can contact me through my blog on five alive or email my teacher, Mrs. Nickerson. Five Alive.
Do you celebrate christmas? if not, what other winter holiday do you celebrate?
What are some specific traditions that your family has for this holiday?
What are some holiday traditions you have at your school?
Do you have a favorite holiday song?
Thank you for your participation. 

Sincerely, Qawiyya ( pronounced kuh-wee-ah)

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