Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Brae Activity Week Recount

ACTIVITY WEEK - Melville Film Festival.
On Wednesday the 14th Activity week started. The people in the group were Cody, Nathan, Morgan, Ryan, Deighton, Damien, Dominick and me. My activity was Melville film festival. At 8.40 we had to go outside the music room to meet up. When we were inside Mr. Bell explained what we were doing. First we had to make an ad and storyboard it. We choose to do our ad on headphones so we went outside to film. The plan was that Cody was going to walk up to headphones and put them on then his friends would come up and share the headphones around. Then Damien would explain the price and where to get it. Then Dominick and I started to edit it which went very well. Mr. Bell even made a scary remix of it. Then we had to make the real movie which we decided was going to be about zombies. We went to film the first scene which was when Deighton the scientist made the zombie formula and Morgan spilt it causing the apocalypse. Then Morgan Dominick and I edited it in imovie HD we added some cool effects like fog and lighting sound effects. Mr. Bell taught us how to use imovie HD before. After the 2 days past we had our movie and food. The movie was men in black 3 which I hadn’t seen before and the food was pizza timtams juice coke and chips. I had lots of fun at the Melville film festival I would defiantly do it again and my friends would say the same.

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