Friday, December 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Activity Week 2012

Activity Week 2012. Out and About On Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th, and Friday 15th of November we were having our Activity Week. The Activity that I was OUT AND ABOUT. Our super visions were Mrs. Bleakin and Mrs. Patterson. On Friday before last week we were going to the group that we in to talk about what we will do on the Activity Week. There were only two students from room 5 which is our class. I was felt so shamed because none of my friends were in the same activity that I was in. I was still happy because I got participate in an activity and none of my friends were doing an activity. We were already talking about what we will do. On Wednesday we divided in to two groups. The other half of the class went with Mrs. Patterson to the cooking room to make morning tea. The other half was staying with Mrs. Bleakin and Mrs. Simpson the jewelry maker to make some jewelry necklaces. I went with Mrs. Patterson and the other of our group. When we get to then getting to the cooking room, we started to get organized to where we making our food. Mrs. Patterson told us that we making scones, Sweet scones and cheese scones. Elizabeth is my buddy and we work together sometimes. We chose to make cheese scones. After that we have to make muffins it was morning tea so we took the food to the art room which is where we were. After morning tea we weren’t allowed to go outside for interval. You only get out if you want to go to the toilets or get a drink. After interval we swap with the other half of the class and do the same thing, but the other half made lunch. On the last block some make garden tiles and some were doing tee-shirt. On Thursday we all did the same thing. On first block we walk to the bus at the front of the school. Harry the school bus driver drop us off to an ART GALLARY in town. When we get in we saw a pool. It was really cool in there. We saw some different pieces of art. We saw some pictures of the old time also a video. It was a big building and it was beautiful inside, in the gallery I saw a Maori Waka and a real kiwi. It was morning tea so we ate our morning tea. After that we kept on looking but it was another Gallery. We saw some nice dishes, necklaces. We also spot Mrs. Simpson jewelry. On Friday it was the last day of the activity week. We had to bring our own lunch. At 9:45 we went to the bus to get off to Waitakaruru Park. When we got there I, a woman came out from the shed and talk to us about the Park while we ate our morning tea. After that she gave us the map of the park. It had lots of different interesting things. We had lots of fun. After that we to the bus and drove of to Te Aroha hot pool. We ate our lunch in the bus. Now we get off to the pool. It was more fun after all. By, Asinate.

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