Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Huhu Beetle

0n the 3rd of December at lunch time, Rebekah, Mandy, Elizabeth, Mary-Anne and Jamie were walking back to class and Mary-Anne had seen a huge type of bettle in the drain and sream we all rushed b a little bit backwards to see what had happened. All of us at first thought it was a huge cockroach, then a weta, then half weta half cockroach. It was on its back when we first saw it then it wriggled it self over to the side of the drain and managed to turn over. We stared at it for a while and then started talking and the bell had rung so we started to walk back to class when people started poking it with sticks and that. We got back to class and we asked Mr Webb if we could talke some photos and a video. We Took some photos and then it started to walk around a bit. Next minute it started crawing out of the drain. We started to scream and run, It was massive when it cam eout and we could actually see a bit better. We got back to class and Mr Webb said we could search up what kind of insect it was. It ended up being a huhu beetle and you can eat them! Yuk! It had patterns on its back and it could fly. We had a great time  time filming it!

By Jamie and Elizabeth.

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