Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Pulse 2012 Recount

On Friday 27th of June 2012 the Melville Intermediate School rock band 'Unknown' entered the local competition called Battle of the Bands Pulse 2012.  We competed against 22 other schools in the Waikato region.  We did exceptionally well.  When we walked into the backstage all of the schools were terrified and nervous, we were too.  We waited and waited for our turn.  Finally it was time.   We sang and played our hearts out.  Finally the judges called up the top three bands, Marion, Essence and Cautious.  We said to ourselves that at least we'd tried our best, however then the MC said Unknown from Melville Intermediate come up.  We cheered and screamed.  When he was about to announce the winners we were saying "whatever happens happens" and the host said "the winner is..." the crowd was silent.  Next minute they shouted 'Unknown' from Melville Intermediate.  We screamed, we were so proud and honored. 

Rock Band students are:Tara August, Jakob Fakalelu, Leiana August, Jayden Wetere, Levi Paranihi, Dallas Peters and Tuatahi Edwards-Melsom.   Tara and Leiana August were first equal for best female vocalist.  Jaokb Fakalelu was judged second best male

Report by Tara August and Jakob Fakalelu.

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