Friday, August 17, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Brents Rugby Option Recount

It was week 3 of Term 3 on the 3rd of August and it was the start of new options. I was in Rugby and lots of people were in it. There were about 50 people in it. There were some girls in it. We did the roll and got change into our P.E. gear and then we all went to the field. There was a little problem about the field because it was wet so we used the high school field. We picked the teams and started the game. I was in Mitchell’s team and my position was right wing. We started first and the game start. It was my teams kick off. I was chasing after the ball then I slipped. The grass was so slippery that I slipped on my back. I got back up and saw my team mate got a try. We won the first game and we had to play another team. It was our kick off and they caught the ball and my team mate tackled the person who caught it. We got the ball because of a knock on but then we dropped the ball and lost it. They tapped the ball and my teammate did high tackle. We had to go out and another team had to take over us. After 5 minutes nobody got a try so both teams had to go. We started with the kick and all of us chased after the ball. Someone got the ball and ran so fast he nearly got a try then someone from my team tackled him and we got the ball because the person who was running knocked it on. Then my team mate passed the ball to me and I ran it up to Joey then I got spear tackled and I lost the ball forward. They picked the ball up and passed it to Sam and he got a run away but I ran so fast I just caught up with him. They passed the ball to Vaughn and I tackled him because we can’t get them to get closer to the try line. They passed the ball to Leonard so fast got a try. The option was over and we all went to the changing sheds and then went back to our classes. I liked the option so much because we learnt new thing and I got to tackle people and got to run so fast. Rugby is a really fun sport.
By: Brent


  1. thank's for leaving a comment on our blog room five your Awesome.

  2. Great recount Brent. I like how you have ordered your ideas in your writing. How many options do you get to choose from and how often does it happen at school? Keep up the wonderful work and writing.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 9@Pt England School, Auckland, N.Z

  3. @ Tisha - We are really loving the work that is going on at your class page at Frankton Primary School! Don't forget to leave your URL when you leave a comment so people can follow your work too!
    @ Mrs Lavakula and Room Nine - I will pass this onto Brent and get him to answer your wonderful question (as always!)