Monday, August 27, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Literacy Group 1,300 km apart.

Today in Room Five we continued our literacy work for this week, which was giving feedback to authors.  The work that we were reviewing this week was a little special however, it came from the students of St Marys School from Mosgiel, which would take us over 17 hours to drive to (non stop) and is over 1,300 km away from us.

Room Five's Group One was reviewing the work from Ryan and Zack.  Group Two from Hamilton was looking at the work of Callum and Jake.  Group Three from Melville Intermediate looked at the work of Zara and Laura.  Finally Group Four looked at the work published all that distance away last week from Thomas and Josh.  Our students had three key tasks as part of their review of the writing from the students in Room Six.  Once they had read the piece they needed to write how it made them feel, and what emotions they felt from reading it.  Secondly they had to come up with an alternative title for the story that fitted with the writing.  Thirdly the students from Melville Intermediate School needed to write a short paragraph based on the original piece of writing that continued the story on successfully for another paragraph following the style of writing of the original author.

The practical way that this is being done now is in the form of commenting, once the teacher in Hamilton has approved the work, the students from Melville are going to communicate direction with the authors in Mosgiel by leaving a comment on their wonderful class page.

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  1. It's great that you guys are taking time to read other childrens work. Did you find any mistakes?
    Room 6 St Marys -Michaela