Monday, August 20, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Manish's Basketball Recount

I like basketball get because it is fun to take the ball of they hand and trying to score the ball in the hop. It does matter if you do not got it in at least you are trying. I can take the ball of some people but not all the people. I always try my best to take the ball of people hand. I can do some tricks. But not to much. It is not my first time but I learned how to play properly.

Recount written by Manish, Room Five.


  1. Hi! Manish,
    I like how you explained why you like basketball. Taking the ball off the other players is pretty tricky. When I watch people play basketball I am always impressed by how quickly people can move while bouncing the ball.
    Can you shoot goals? What tricks can you do?
    From Anna

  2. Hi! Manish,
    Thanks for the comment on our blog. I showed my class your writing and they were impressed your class could write so much. We thought about the things we like to do at school.
    I like running. By Mia
    I like to skip. By Katelyn
    I like playing basketball too. By Cruz
    I like doing exercise. By Anika
    I like skipping. By Maria
    I love skipping. By Sky
    I like playing on the monkey bars. By Abdirahman.

    From Room 4

  3. I like to play Netball, Cricket and Soccer, Basketball too.
    They are very fun sports! Keep up the good work Manish, who knows you may join the Tall Blacks (New Zealand Basketball team) one day!
    -Michaela, St Marys Mosgiel Room 6.