Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Asinates ESOL Recount

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I have to Esol. Esol mean that if you from another island or maybe your English is not really good you have to do Esol. Our Esol class have four students altogether and sometimes we are not in there so that mean we absent or we forgot to go. When we get there we have to do works. Sometimes we are doing together our work. We also do the same activity. It is very helpful for us because working together is very fun and we will be able to share what we know. We also read together the story that we are doing. Most time we doing our work by our own. It not very fun because we won’t be able to finish together on time so we can have a little game.
Sometimes I think the teacher think that we are doing better and better. She prepares us harder works. She told us that we have to finish it on time. On Friday we are going to the computers. There are lots of works in there that we need to do. Our teacher is walking around in the room so if we need help she might help us. There is sometimes the teacher come and called us. Guess what to we have to do there. We are doing a easy reading test and it’s really fun.

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