Sunday, June 24, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Dance Recount 2012

On Thursday 21st of June Peachgrove Intermediate School hosted the 2012 Waikato Inter Intermediate Dance Day.  It was an opportunity for students form across the Waikato region to come together and work collaboratively on dance. 

Melville Intermediate were lucky to be involved, especially in Room Five because we had three students selected.  Well done to everyone in the school team - Jamie, Bianca, Elizabeth, Jessie, Reid and Trey.  Special wonderful thanks to Bianca's Mum for taking this video and pictures and Mrs Bleakin for her involvement and organization.  The students had an amazing time - the finale was a collaborative dance that all students on the day contributed to.


  1. Fantastic recount - gives me all the 5Ws and 1H that I need to know about this Dance Finale. The post is made even better with the inclusion of the video! What a fantastic learning experience this must have been for your group!

  2. Yes Mrs Bee, the students who went absolutely loved it and the who experience. What was most impressive was how the students who only met each other that day in some cases worked so well together.