Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Inline Hockey vs. Morrinsville

On Tuesday 12th June Melville Intermediate competed in the Inter Intermediate Inline Hockey Tournament held in Te Rapa.  It was a great day of action for the students and this video is highlights of the students game against Morrinsville Intermediate.  Melville are in the red, Morrinsville are in the dark blue/black.


  1. We thought you had it and it was soo close. Great game!! We would love to hear some commentating.

    Room 7 - Springston

  2. Simon that's just a great suggestion and you are right we should get some students to commentate. No one from the team is in Room Five (Veronica who was broke her wrist) but we could get one of the team too. Great idea and thanks for your comment.