Sunday, June 3, 2012

Melville Intermediate - School Council 2012

School Council Meeting on Friday 1st of June 2012- shared lunch.

On the 30th of May the Melville Intermediate School student councillors waited by room 17 waiting for Miss Paterson so they can start their shared lunch meeting. The week before Miss Paterson called a student council meeting but the meeting was small because most of the student councillors were not there. The rest of the student councillors talked about are class ideas but then someone purposed that they should have a shared lunch/meeting to try and get the student council back together again. At lunch eating time and though lunch time the student council had are meeting. When the meet started everybody talked about things that are classes had told us that they would like to see improved around the school. One of those things was a problem that all the councillors said was a problem the playground needed to fixed practically the bridge and the nails that where poking out of the playground so Jonathan (from room 18)and Samuel (from room 5) were ask to write a brief letter to Mr Cooke about the problem. Another thing that came up and turned out to be the highlight of the meeting was the rubbish and how the rubbish system was going to work and when found something they all agreed on and something that was good and made cense Kayla (room 5) and Tania (room 7) also wrote a letter bigger this time to Mr Cooke and then when that was all done it was time to go and back to class to talk about the changes

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