Friday, June 22, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Winter Olympics Cheer Performance

All this week Melville Intermediate Schools Winter Olympics team have been competing at sports camp at Totara Springs Camp, Matamata. On Thursday night, the 21st of June, the schools each performed a 'Cheer' routine for the camp. First school up out of the eight competing was Melville Intermediate School, Mr Webb was there to film their efforts:


  1. Hey! We really liked your Cheer! We are guessing that it took a lot of time and teamwork to get it right. We especially liked the part where some people got lifted up.
    Awesome work well done!

    from Moutere

    PS: We are working on our school production at the moment so we will post a clip on our blog when we present it at the beginning of next term . It is going to be great! It is called 'The History Of the World in 65 Minutes' It is taking us more than 65 minutes to get it ready though!

  2. Thanks so much for your positive feedback, I will pass it onto the students and the teacher responsible, we came 2nd= in the competition so we were pretty pleased with that. And it goes without saying that we'd love to see footage of your school production!