Saturday, June 30, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Deighton's Term Two Recount

I've liked my time at Melville Intermediate.  So far I've done some stuff that has amazed me like going to compete at St Paul's Collegiate for the Literacy Quiz.  I did bone carving with Matua Peter for options.  I did a lot of good and wonderful things.  We wrote scams, I did woodwork, magic and music.  I went to the school social in term two and I liked all of it.  At school it was hard work in bone carving, especially the sanding and the bone dust.  We went every week and it made me learn a lot, like what safety gear that I needed to wear.  It was awesome I loved every bit of it.  Music was really good when I went on the bass guitar and the piano.

This recount is by Deighton, a student from Room Five and is a recount about the events that took place during term two of 2012.

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