Thursday, June 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - MIS in Winter by Sam

With a frosty morning to start Winter at Melville Intermediate School we sent Sam around this morning with a digital camera to capture the mood.  Sam's a Y8 student in Room Five and he did an amazing job with these photos.

Winter at MIS by Sam on PhotoPeach


  1. Sam, I really enjoyed your photos! I think you have captured the mood of winter in your playground very nicely. The Neinsteins are just beginning to use visual text as in pictures, photos, etc and I am going to share this with them next week to see if they can tell/share a story about a winter's morning in Dunedin. Great job - thanks for getting cold to share this story!

  2. Mrs Bee
    Thanks for your comments, Sam was really pleased to read them and is excited by the thought that your class would be doing something similar next week.
    Mr Webb and Room Five.