Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Tour of Art Room

Students of Melville Intermediate School twice a week have 'Technology' where they have specialist lessons in subjects such as Art, ICT, Electronics, Music and Textiles. Room 8 started their Technology lessons on Monday. On Tuesday at our second attempt at filming Kelly and Samm filmed a lesson in progress in the Art Room. This video is presented by Samm and filmed by Kelly. It also stars Otis! Filmed on Tuesday 16th February 2010 at Melville Intermediate School.


  1. Dear Samm, Kelly and Otis,

    Very nice movie about pastels in the art room. It was interesting for me to see the room and get a feel for what it is like at Melville.

    Otis, who has left a comment on our blog...thank your Otis, is an excellent artist. :-)

    What are some of the other art lessons that are scheduled?

    Mrs. Yollis

  2. Hi Samm, Kelly and Otis,
    I was interested to see your video. It is really great to be able to get a feel for what it is like at your school.
    I wonder what things you liked about your video. I think your introduction was very clear so I got a good idea of what was coming up.
    What would you do differently next time to make it better?
    I'll keep watching to see what you get up to next.
    Ms Donnell, Kaipara Flats, NZ

  3. Hi My Name is Alice,
    I am from Adelaide.
    I like your blog it is cool!
    I like the spinning globe.
    I hope you can contact our class blog at:

  4. hi my name is peter i live in adelaide and i really like your pictures and i hope that we can draw one too.