Thursday, February 18, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Anahere demonstrates a Mihi

Room 8 have been learning our Maori Mihi (Greeting) and practising them. Some of our students are very fortunate that they know there's already, as we're going to shortly start teaching some other classrooms. Anahere had her Mihi filmed yesterday and did a fantastic job. She also included a Waiata (song) at the end. It was filmed by Nathalie and Lana on Wednesday 17th February 2010. Also Room 2 yesterday helped out the Room 7 St Claires classroom from Dunedin you can check out a link to their Mihi collaboration by clicking here.


  1. Hi
    My name is Ashley and I'm from Adelaide, Australia. I'm looking at other blogs on my class blogroll, and stopped at yours. I love the video at he start, and your visitors list. :) I was hoping someone could comment me back at I like netball and tennis and my favourite colour is lime green. Hope to hear from someone soon.
    Ashley! :)

  2. Dear Anahere and Room 8,
    It has been very interesting for me to learn about the Maori Mihi from your great posts.

    The Waiata was awesome! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Mr. Salsich

  3. Tēnā koe Anahere

    Ko Maungatapu to maunga.
    Ko Mahitahi te awa.
    Ko tauiwi taku iwi.
    No Wakatu ahau.

    Ko Jack taku pāpā.
    Ko Margaret taku māmā.
    Ko Judy taku tuakana.
    Ko Appleby toku kura.
    Ko Allanah ahau.

    I hope that I got it right. You sound so confident and fluent. Well done.

  4. Anahere, well done! You have a very beautiful voice, I am sure you Waita and your Mihi will be well received. Do you have Maori students that help you?
    Mr. C