Monday, February 15, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Our first 2010 Video: Stolen Gutter

This is our very first 2010 video! We have been working our way through the digital process so that we can publish our introduction videos and Mihi next week, but when we got to school this morning, we discovered that the coper guttering from outside of the classroom had been stolen overnight! Room 8 then decided to film the event and also had Jahnard, Kelly and Shania interview our school caretaker Mr De Ryke about the theft. We will be viewing this in classroom tomorrow, so any feedback that you could leave would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  1. Hi Room 8,
    Sorry to hear about your spouting. Isn't it amazing that people would steal that off your roof! I have heard of other schools having the same problem and wonder why they choose to use copper for their spouting - why not use another material? What do you think. Thanks for your video. I thought you did a good job although I found it a little hard to focus on the man you interviewed because the camera was moving around a little. Maybe you could try using a tripod next time?

  2. What a shame that your school was targeted by thieves! It was interesting to watch your video and to hear from the caretaker who knows exactly what was taken. Great idea to ask him for an interview. When I was watching, I did think of couple of suggestions for your next video. I had trouble seeing the missing guttering when you were filming the roof. I think this was because you were facing the video camera into the light. It might have been easier to see if you were filming in the other direction (though it will always be a little tricky when filming up towards the sky). Also, there was a point in the video when you turned to see the building that the caretaker was talking about. It was a good idea to turn the camera but if you move too quickly, it can be a little unpleasant for those of us that are watching :) Try and move the camera in a slow and controlled way. I really like the fact that you told the story of what happened on film - I look forward to seeing more!

  3. I think the fact that you guys were prepared to add a news blog without endless planning and drafting has added even more authenticity to your class blog! I wish that my Year 5/6 kids has the skills to "go with the moment"like this - well done!

    Can I just take a moment to say that I was horrified to see your school has been hit for something such as copper spouting. It is hard enough for schools to keep up with the costs of running ICT, purchasing books and all the other stuff that goes into your learning. It makes me angry to think that you could have a "repeat offender" out there who would come in and help themselves to something so mundane as spouting. If they wanted the copper - could they not offer the school a "deal" ie, purchase new spouting in exchange for the copper? Why might they want the copper?

    I have to agree with Suzie and Marcus about the camera use but these are skills that you can work on this term. I thought it was a fantastic idea to have the questions and (bracketed) points on the screen - this really helped my understanding and I also think your caretaker must be pretty fantastic to take time for this interview!

    Ka pai, Melville!

    Ms Bee on behalf of Room 7, Dunedin - NZ

  4. Good Job! You might what to research why the thieves stole your copper. I know it is valuable here in New York. Did anyone hear the thieves moving the ladder around and banging it off the building?


  5. Hi there
    Watching your video has inspired me to have a go at doing something like this with my class. I do hope we still have our spouting when I get there today though!!! I don't think our spouting is copper - so we should be safe! Well done on your first video for the year - I'm sure you will look back on it in term 4 and be amazed at what you can achieve over time.
    Miss Gee - Room 1 Bulls School

  6. Rotten thieves. Well at least they stayed on the outside of the building and didn't vandalise anything while they were there.

    Bad form to steal from school/kids.

    Allanah K

    Appleby School


  7. Hi Room 8

    That makes me really angry that people would steal from children and ruin your beautiful school. I love your video especially the interview with your caretaker. Your caretaker does alot of work to keep your school looking neat and tidy so these thieves have just given him more work to do :(
    I hope someone finds these morally bankrupt people.
    Thank you for sharing your news.

    Mrs Armstrong-Lush

  8. Hi Room 8
    I agree with everyone else it is a shame that people choose to steal from a school. I hope your school has pictures of the thieves and they will be caught. Keep up the movie making.

    Malcolm Roberts
    Grad Dip IT in ED

  9. It is sad, but schools aren't viewed any differently by thieves than any other buildings. My second daughter, Minden, wanted to know how old your building is. Copper is a very expensive metal here and we were both curious about what material your school will replace it with. BTW it would be great if you could interview the police and ask them how they will proceed with the case.

  10. Sorry to hear about your theft at the weekend. I also heard that another school had copper stolen from their roof a few weeks ago. I wonder what the thieves do with the copper? If they sell it who buys it? How much is copper worth per kg?