Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Meet the Teacher Slideshow


  1. Hey Justin
    My name is Ashley and I am replying to your comment on Mr Macs superstars blog. I think your visitors list is so AWESOME!!! To answer your questions, yes. The whole school does Sports Day. If everyone is there, that is. And, for sports day, we stay at our school and have a range of events like volleyball, hurdles, high jump, long jump and relay races, and stuff like that. What do you do for your sports day, and do you have one? Hope to hear back from you soon.
    From Ashley!

    This is Lexi, from Mr Mac's class! From ALL the way from Australia!
    Yeah, so I am going to answer your questions!
    1. we DO like blogging to other people around the world because Mr Mac wants to get more hits on the ClusterMaps! Also, it's interesting to learn about people from other countries!
    2. In our (I think you mean SPARE) spare time we usually play sport or do ETM, but we don't have much spare time, since we are always doing something like maths or spelling or projects....Phew! being a year 7 is hard work!
    There you go! And here are some questions for you!
    1. Does your class do much blogging?
    2. Is your class doing Choir? (ours is!(not all of us though!))
    3. Does your class do projects?

    Well, sorry for the extremely long comment and I hope you reply back soon!!!
    From Lexi
    Lexi, Room 12, Hawthorndene, AUSTRALIA!!

  3. Is your school close to a nuclear power plant? Your teachers look like they have had too much radiation! (Just kidding ;)

    I have noticed the blog has several Slide presentations. Do you like using this website? Is it easy to do or did it take a long time to figure out how?

    Mr. C

  4. Hello! I'm Simone from St Patrick's school! Visit our class blog, Miss T's Classroom! I also have my own blog, which you can visit too.
    Anyway, nice pictures!!!!

    Your blog is awesome!