Friday, January 22, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Year in Review 2009

In two weeks our 2010 School year begins in New Zealand. We're currently busy behind the scenes putting together our 2010 work and I am sure that there are very excited students all throughout the country looking forward to starting back at school the week after next! We're going to take this opportunity to have a look at some of the highlights and the work that evolved from our 2009 class site.

We started on the first of February with taking shots of everyone from the classroom. Unfortunately Bubbleshare which we used to display the pictures has now closed! Our first posted work for 2009 which you can view is our 2009 Mihi Slideshows. Our first task back will be learning our Mihi (Maori Greetings) and as our learning activity for these our goal is to teacher another class around the world. In March we had the Rugby League World Cup Trophy visit our school (New Zealand are the World Champions)... we feature our wonderful school gardens for the first time on this site by conducting tours around them so people around the world could see them... we also demonstrated our worm farms and how they worked... taking part for the first time in the Edubloggers Class Blogging Challenge was a rewarding experience... We had our day Camp to Camp Ruatuna, unfortunately we couldn't all go to that, but we were able to take a video camera with us and film some of the activities like the stretcher making and sausage making... April saw a host of activities our Wearable Arts Entries, the School Touch Competitions... Waka Ama... May saw the arrival of a special package sent for us all the way from Texas of some 'Peeps' for some students this was recalled as the highlight of the entire year! We were helping Hackham East School with their Haka... June saw the debut of our Hip Hop school group online and our Maori counting videos...July saw the CPA group performing on Saturday at the local markets and of course we were there to film it for everyone else to see... it was Maori Language week at School and our "Soccer Skills" videos had already made it up to episode six... August saw our work relating to the Waikato River being published, more CPA and Hip Hop performances... Septemeber saw the Y8 Prep Economic Day, while Mr Webb was manager of the Girls Basketball team who won the National Finals at the 2009 AIMS Games... Melville's got talent also took place this month, and again if you couldn't be there you just needed to visit our blog to see the highlights...October saw the CPA performances during the week in the evening, and in possibly the most classiest movie of the year, Bailey, Arahia and Mr Webb starred in our entry to the Tamaki Film Festival, Bailey and the Magic Cowbell' November saw the Y7 Big Day out and our School and Inter-Intermediate Athletics Days... December saw the culmination of the year with the Y8 Ball, Prizegiving and suddenly 2009 was no more!!!


  1. Hi Mr Webb,
    I guess this means that your computer has been fixed :)

  2. @ Sue - unfortunately it doesn't! Its been in for three weeks now and still haven't heard a thing - its got 60 gigs of original material on it and its how I do all my video editing so as you can imagine I am frothing at the mouth to get it back!
    @ Wm Chamberlain - great to hear from you as always and can't wait to get you involved!