Thursday, January 14, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Normal Service to Resume Shortly

Thanks for your visit to this site, as you will be aware students in New Zeland are currently on their Summer Holidays as the School year for 2009 ended in December. The new school year starts this February (Melville Intermediate Y7 students will be present at School on Tuesday 2nd February, Y8 students, including the 2009 R8 class will be there the following day.

Mr Webb's home computer is currently being repaired (yes thats right now approaching its third week!) so that's the reason for the change in this site and the absence of the rest of the material from 2009. Never fear, we are expecting it back at any time in the next week or so when we will complete all the relevant posting from last year.

In the mean time thanks so much for your visit/comments and we look forward to networking/being in contact with you shortly.

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