Thursday, January 7, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Negative 47 Degrees Centigrade

One of my favorite Blogs at the moment, that I really enjoyed visiting last year, and sure that I will enjoy visiting this year comes from Russia. and is Lyumila's While we in New Zealand have our School Holidays for Summer at the moment and temperature in the mid to high 20s (degrees centigrade) in Russia, Krasnoyarskiykray at the moment its forecast this week to be negative 47 degrees! As a teacher who has only ever seen snow once (and then it wasn't much more than mush!) this is really unbelieveable. Mr McClung the teacher in charge of Mr McClungs World (one of the classes we were skyping with at the end of Term Four) was also telling me today that its negative 17 degrees in their part of the world this week! Anyway make sure you visit both of their blogs if you have not already. They have something really wonderful to offer.


  1. I have been chatting to Mr Webb after looking at the blog from Russia where it will be -47c on Monday. It's hard for us to even comprehend such cold weather. Here in Melbourne, Australia it will be 41c on Monday! It's just about the opposite....lucky you don't get such hot days!

  2. Wow! Minus 47 degress is definitely too cold for me! I wonder how they keep themselves warm and are they able to go out of their houses ?

    Mrs She @Pt England School, Auckland New Zealand.