Sunday, January 31, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Term 1, 2010

The school term in New Zealand starts this week as we have now finished the Summer Holidays. Students at Melville Intermediate that are in our Y7 syndicate, including obviously the new Room 8, will be at school for their first day on Wednesday 3rd February. The Y8 students of Melville Intermediate School will be present from Thursday 4th February, that includes the students who made up last year's Room 8 classroom. We also will have a new Y7 Syndicate Site for publishing work set up for this year, although this class blog will be continuing as normal.

As part of the introduction to 2010 we will be viewing many blogs and sites this week and hoping to reconnect with many of our friends from 2009. (Some schools in New Zealand are starting on Tuesday 2nd February but for Melville Intermediate School this is a teacher only day). We look forward to hearing from you all soon!
Mr Webb and Room 8, 2010, Melville Intermediate School.


  1. Hello Mr. Webb

    Just having a look at the blog to see what things look like. Have a great first day tomorrow. At the moment its 1:36am where you are and 8:36am here on Tuesday. Hello to all the students and good luck on their new school year.

  2. Kia Ora Room 9
    We all can't wait to see the work that you will share with us on your blog. We also hope you all had a lovely day back at school today and enjoyed your holidays.

    Miss Lavakula

  3. My Year 6 children were so excited to see your teacher leaving a comment on their blog today. They know the name Melville Intermediate and look up to you guys! Last year they were reading this blog and comparing their learning experiences and outcomes. Matt remembers reading about the X-Country and how it helped him to write his own recount better. How about it Melville? Are you up to being cyber models this year???