Friday, January 29, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Four Days to Go!


  1. How come I have not being getting your updates? I think some little web gremlins have been playing with my RSS feed.

    It will be a fun year ahead and I hope our classes can learn together on line.

    All the best for next week- we start on 3 February.

  2. Room 7 Scoopers from Dunedin will be thrilled to see you back! Last year, they loved seeing the parallels - what you were doing compared to us and especially enjoyed reading your blogs. They saw you as role models especially role models as writers! Have a great year - we will be watching!

  3. @ Moturoa - I have no idea why you haven't been getting our updates, but looking forward to the start of the year with what your class will come up with!
    @ Room 12 - Room 7 Scoopers likewise we will be looking forward to seeing what you can come up with this year, it was encouraging and exciting for us to follow you online last year and we look forward to doing so again in 2010!

  4. Dear Room 8,
    I'm excited to see all the great learning that you will be starting next week. My students in Connecticut, USA are very interested in New Zealand. The Haka dance got them very intrigued. They also want to know if students really don't have to wear shoes in school. They are petitioning me to have a "New Zealand" day when they can take their shoes and socks off! So, is it true?
    Your friend, Mr. Salsich

  5. @ Mr Salsich - during the Summer months in New Zealand the students were sandals (without socks) because of the weather, but when performing Maori Cultural dances/items its traditional to do so without footwear, hence the students in this video slipped them off just before the filming began. Its quite common for the students to be around the school at lunchtime and take their sandals off for lunch but they need to be back on when they return to the classroom - I think a New Zealand Day is a great idea though!