Friday, September 4, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Hip Hop Performance

Melville Intermediate Hip Hop Performance. All this week we've had the local primary schools from the area as special guests of our Hip Hop group and also our Cultural Performing Arts Group. The shows were simply breath taking and these are just some of the highlights from a week of work! This is our School Hip Hop group showing off their talents. Filmed on Thursday 3rd September by Meighan and Jamie from Room 8.


  1. Great job, I enjoy watching the students perform in music and dance through your videos. I love the fact that these are obviously important to your students, schools, and communities. It is proof that your schools understand that education is not just about taking standardized tests.
    Mr. C

  2. A great performance. Some of those moves look very complicated to me - but maybe that's because I don't know how to do hip-hop! Did you have to practise a lot?