Friday, September 25, 2009

Melville Intermediate - For Mr Piper - a 'typical' day for us.

The students in Room 8 were asked to describe a typical day for them, so that people who are following us on the Blogging Challenge and the Classes that we've been helping from Mr. Pipers Class in the USA get a better idea.

Molinda described the bell times by writing: " In New Zealand we start school at 8:40am and we have a interval/playtime at 10:30am to 10:50am. We start lunch at 12:30pm and it finishes at 1:15pm. School ends at 3:15pm."

Destin wrote: "The time that I wake up each morning is 7am. I make my own lunch, I have breakfast and then my Aunty brings me to school in the morning. I get to school at 8:00am. I do good work and our morning tea is at 10:30am and the time it finishes is 10:50am. Then we work for 1 hour twenty minutes and then have lunch for 45 minutes. We work again until school finishes at 3:10pm. When school finishes I go to the High School where my Aunty works and then my Aunty takes me home. I get changed into my home clothes and go and play until dark, and at 10:30pm I go to bead, thats what I do."

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