Monday, September 21, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Answering Mr Piper

As you know, were currently collaborating with Mr Piper's class in Milwakee, Wisconsin. There the class is studying Australia and New Zealand for Social Studies. We offerered to 'ask an expert' using our students as the experts, its been a great experience but what we didn't expect was that Mr Pipers students would ask us over 50 questions! We selected 10 that we thought we'd answer today, and we'll get to the others later this week! Here's some of our students answers to the first ten:
1. Have you seen a Kiwi bird before?
Vitolina: I know how they look, but I haven't seen one in my life. A real Kiwi lives in the forest and not near peoples houses. Molinda: No. Michael: Its nocturnal so no-one sees it much.
Nick: No. Nicole: No, I've never seen one in my life. Kaiya: No!
2. Have you ever seen a Rugby game before?
Vitolina: Of course! People in New Zealand like watching other teams vs. each other! Kaiya: Yes. Nicole: No. Nicholas: Yes. Michael: No. Molinda: No.
3. What is the Weather like?
Molinda: Cold, hot, sunny and windy. Michael - sometimes bad and good! Nicholas - Very sunny as we have just started spring. Nicole - its spring. Kaiya - Sunny. Mr Webb (Room 8 Teacher) - in New Zealand at the moment we're just started spring. The temperature would be in the high teens to low twenties at the moment, as were heading into Summer. It never gets cold enough to snow in Hamilton. even in Winter.
4. Do you play American Football?
Nicole: Yes we do. Kaiya: Not often. Vitolina: No. Nick: Not much. Michael: Only in clubs. Molinda: No. Mr Webb: Not really, there's three or four clubs in New Zealand in total but its not a popular sport.
5. Favourite Animals/Food/Counties/Sport: Molinda: KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Australia, Soccer, Runnig, America. Michael: Rotweiler Puppies. Nick: Animal-Cat, Food - Burger, Country - Spain, Sports - Soccer. Vitolina - my favourite country is Samoa, my favourite food is rice - pasta and chop suey. My favourite sport is Netball, Rugby and Volleyball. My favourite animals are dogs, rabbits, Koala and least is Kangaroo. Nicole: Animals - Bunny Rabbits, Hamster, Puppies. Counties - USA, Phillipines, NZ. Foods: Shrimp, Chicken, Ice Cream, Banana Cake, Crabs, Lobsters, Sports - Badminton, Swimming. NZ Foods - KFC, McDonalds. We will put part two online tomorrow!


  1. It is so great to see classes collaborating with learning and leadership across the countries. Our kindergarten took part in a similiar project a few years ago with a Kindergarten in Chicago. Because our children are not into the writing stage we asked eachother questions using video.You can see them at (some of our movies seem to be missing!)
    This is a fantastic way to learn about other countries and to teach others about fabulous NZ!! we look forward to reading more of your questions and answers about NZ

  2. Hi, Mr. Webb and students,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to be "experts" and answering my students questions about New Zealand. It is really cool to hear your answers. We did some research on netball today and thought that looked like a very cool sport. It is so cool to be able to collaborate with you and learn from one another. My goal for my students is to "learn something new every day." Thanks for helping make this happen. We look forward to hearing your other answers and also welcome you to ask us any questions you have about Milwaukee, WI, the USA or our school, University School of Milwaukee, as well. Thanks again for the great answers!

    Take care,
    Mr. Piper and his fifth grade students