Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Blogging Challenge/Comments for Kids

There's two task for our students in Room 8, and students that are visitng Room 8 today.
We're part of the Edubloggers Challenge, which you can click on by clicking on the link for that here. The task for this week is to leave a comment on ten blogs that we haven't commented on before. The ten blogs that were selected yesterday by Raukawa and Keegan were as follows:

As you can see we've choosen classrooms from around the world! We're all going to be leaving comments on these blogs today and tomorrow and would invite you to do the same!

Also our good friends from the USA, Mr C and his students have the latest installments for Comments for Kids Posted as well - two locations to leave comments on Qatar and Iowa! You can click on the link for that here. Happy commenting Room Eight!


  1. Hello Room 8!
    My name is Miss Bulsza from Thailand. I got to your site from the Live Traffic Feed widget. Neat!

    That's so wonderful that you are being encouraged to visit so many blogs out there, including ours! I teach 5th grade at the International School Bangkok--you can find us on google. It's a lot of fun here, but VERY hot outside. We hope you visit us often.
    Good luck with your speeches! Nervous?

  2. Miss Bulsza thanks for the comment - our first from Thailand I think! Yes we're quite nervous about speeches judging by the mood of the class but also have some motivated students who will be working on them during our school holidays.