Friday, September 25, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Questions for Mr Piper 3

We were looking at ways of answering some of the 78(!) questions left for us by the students from Mr Piper's Class in the USA. We decided to answer the questions similar to something that we saw on Mr C's Classblog earlier in the year. We rotated a group of students around asking them and passed the question reading to everyone... done in about three minutes at the end of lunch before the students had to change classes for their Y7 Option Classes. Filmed on Thursday 24th September 2009.


  1. Dear Mr. Webb,
    Thank you very much for answering so many of our questions. My students were delighted to hear from your kids. We have many similarities between our two schools- our recess/snack time is almost exactly the same, as is the length of our school day.

    Take care,
    Mr. Piper & Class

  2. Mr Piper we thought that it might be nice for your students to hear and see our students hence the video! Our students were also interested in the similarities and differences between the two schools also from this experience so thanks for the questions and if you have anymore then just ask!