Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melville Intermediate - About Us.

This is a task from the Blogging Challenge run by Miss W at the Edublogger Site. We carried out most of the activities for this at the start of the year when we were new to blogging and had a blast! Last week Mr Webb was at Basketball, and we also thought that it would be nice to re-introduce ourselves to our auidence.

Melville Intermediate is a Y7/8 School for 11 and 12 year olds situated in the suburb of Melville. We're in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand. Hamilton is New Zealands biggest inland city and has over 100,000 people living in it. New Zealand as a country has just over 4,000,000 people. The school is just over 50 years old and the current role is 340.

Room 8 is one of six Y7 classes at the school. Mr Webb is the classroom teacher. We currently have 28 students in Room 8, we've had some new arrivals because for most of the year we had about 24 studnets. Mr Webb has been teaching for 12 years - his last blog was from a school called Tamaki Intermediate at this address. Our school is new to blogging as this is the first blog that our school has run and we're looking to develop some more next year! Our school year consists of 40 five day long weeks and finishes at the end of December when we break for the school holidays for six weeks.

Why did we join the blogging challenge? Because it gives us more of an auidence for our work and its a great opportunity for us to network with other classrooms and students around the world. It also motivates our students who have need extension.
Do want to take part in the commenting section more than the better blogging section?
Both are really important to us, better blogging is a really important thing and we also get the best ideas for our blog either from our students or from other sites.
What do you hope some of the activities include?
A variety of tasks! What we're lucky for is having already competed in the challenge once that we have an idea of what some of the tasks are likely to be. First time around it was great because a lot of the ideas we hadn't thought of before - so we're really excited about being able to participate this time.
What do you hope to get out of the challenge after ten weeks?
Have our students make more education contacts, network and interact with other blogging classrooms and enjoy the challenges that are placed in front of us!


  1. Hi, Mr. Webb's class.
    Our fifth graders here in Milwaukee, WI enjoyed looking at your blog. Your school is about the same size as our middle school. We hope that you have a chance to answer some of our questions, and feel free to ask some of your own as well. Thanks for collaborating with us.

    Mr. Piper and his fifth grade "world investigators."

  2. Hello Room 8
    I was so glad that you introduced yourself again. The posts that I can see on this page have given me a real understanding about what is important to you. I will be really interested to know how you think you are approaching the tasks differently since this is your second time at the challenge. I wonder what you learnt from the first challenge?

  3. Mr Piper - our students are really looking forward to collaborating with your classroom and students!
    Joy - We're pleased with that positive feedback, so thanks very much. Second time round I think we'll try and plan ahead with the challenges and really throw ourselves into them, without letting them build up, having said that we're just about to go on school holidays for two weeks!