Friday, September 11, 2009

Melville Intermediate - 2009 AIMS Games Closes

Today was the official closing of the 2009 AIMS (Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools) Games in Tauranga. Over 3,000 students from 88 Schools had been competing during the week including Melville Intermediate in Girls Basketball, Boys Cross Country and Swimming. Today at the closing ceremony Melville Intermediates Girls Team were awarded the Trophy for being undefeated and winning the competition - making them the National Champions!

The big news from the final day was the naming of the 2009 National Tournament team. Melville Intermediate managed to get four players into the 12 best players of the tournament squad - a wonderful achievement for the whole squad, given how they dominated the competition well done to Kelsey, Kendall, Sharoan and Corbyn for making the tournament team!

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  1. Great photo girls.
    jade here.
    Caitlin you have a really cheesy smile.