Monday, October 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - 150 Word Recount Challenge

For our back to school energizer our students had 150 words to write about their holidays....

 On Thursday of the 2nd week of the school holidays, I was on a holiday program and we were going to lazar tag/ten-pin bowling. We had to meet at the Meville community house so we could catch the bus to town. We walked to the place and we went straight to ten-pin bowling. We had about 5 turns left but we had to go to lazar tag. I was on the red team and I fired 497 shots I was mostly shooting the blue teams base and I came 2nd out of 7 players. After that we came back and finished our game and I won with 107 points I was so proud so we all walked back to the bus and we all got on. On the way back, I sat at the back. It was so hot at the back and we had to let the public on first. [Chloe]

On the last weekend of the holidays at one pm Saturday afternoon. Me and my sister went to the movies and watched Smurf Two. In 3D at Hoyts theatres. After I bought a RC spy truck at the base. At the Warehouse for some headphones. During the movie I got a free xbox360 from my dad with his new phone he got for 49 dollars. Near the end of the movie I finished my seven drinks of lift plus exta. When it finished I found twenty dollars on the floor so I picked it up and took it to spend. Later I found my dad at the play ground with my little brother and sister on the rope tower. On the way back from the base I got some new nerf guns. But when we got home my sister lost almost all my darts with in ten minutes all so.        

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