Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yesterday Melville Intermediate competed in the Waikato Inter Intermediate Volleyball Competition.   Melville had two teams in the competition a Boys and a Girls Team.   The Boys had an awesome tournament and managed to finish third.  The Girls had a spectucular effort and managed to defeat Maeroa Intermediate in the final, claiming our second Waikato Schools title of 2013.  

The Girls played against Berkley and won 32-14.  They then played against Maeroa Intermediate and beat them 29-15.   The Girls then played against Morrivnsville Intermediate and drew 26-26.   The Girls had a strong victory against Cambridge Middle School 33-15 before winning thier final game against Fairfield Intermediate 24 to 21.  In the Final the Girls played against Maeroa Intermediate again and this time it was an incredibly close game with the Girls making an excellent start before a terrific fightback by Maeroa saw the score within one point with the full time hooter.  The final point however went the way of Melville with our girls taking the final 28 to 26.   

 The Boys played up first against Berkley and lost 18 to 26.   The Boys then played against Maeroa Intermediate and beat them 22 to 15.   In the third game the Boys defeated Morrinsville Intermediate 35-18.   The Boys then defeated Te Awamutu Intermediate 32 to 15.  Melville then lost to Cambridge Middle School 22 to 26.   In the final pool game Melville played against Fairfield Intermediate and defeated them 25-20.  The last game saw Melville in the play off against Fairfield Intermediate for 3rd and 4th.  Melville were able to win this game and defeat Fairfield 30 to 29.

Hi my name is Viliame and we went down to Te Awamutu Staduim to play Inter-Intermediate Volleyball tournament.  My team and I hade fun playing but when the time go's pass we were geting  angry and it was the girl's turn to play we watched the girl's play there game and they played it well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This recount is written by Viliame who is from Room Five and was in the Boys team.

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  1. Hi Villiame,

    I enjoyed your recount.

    Congratulations to you all. It sounds like you have been working incredibly hard to prepare for this competition. A huge congratulations to the girls team for winning the title! And congratulations to the boys too for coming third. Those are very impressive results for Melville. You must have a great volleyball coach...and lots of talented students.

    Mrs C-M, 8C