Thursday, October 17, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Narrative Writing from the UK

We're always looking for examples of work that we can use as energisers or to work into our class program. During the holidays we located a piece of writing from a Bolton Literacy conference where they called for classes and students to continue a particular piece of writing.

We thought that the writing would suit the students in Room Five and so two days ago in class we introduced our students to the piece of writing.  The session was orginally led by Pie Corbett

Our students were enthused by the writing and the boys in particular appeared to really enjoy the style of the writing.  The following montage of shots is the students from Room Five working on the piece of writing.

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  1. Mr Webb and Room 5 - perhaps you guys could start a narrative for our FirstBLOGGERS and they could do the same for you.