Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Melville Intermediate - KidsQuest Minecraft Site

If you haven't seen Mr Woods Minecraft Collaborative site you really need to view the site by clicking on the link to it here.  It has a range of activities and challenges based around one of the games that students are currently obsessed with in Room Five - Minecraft.  In term three our students each completed one task from Mr Woods site.  This was Icis from Room Five's description of the task that she completed, as well as screen shots from her completed task. 

Mine craft!!!
Learning intention: I am writing an explanation for my choices.

I chose to do minecraftkidsquest.blogspot because I thought it will be fun to build a castle. I also chose to do it so I don’t have to do written work in class. Mine craft at the moment is really popular in our class. The only difficulty was when I had to follow the instructions; next time I will choose to do a different mine craft quest/ the pyramid.

I think you should I think that you should build a hospital that is at least 10 stories high. It should also have detail and be realistic; with windows, waiting room, bathrooms, beds and kitchens.

The educational part that ties into mine craft is that you are using area and perimeter in you building.


  1. Wow Icis I love the hall of your castle. Perhaps some kids will help write some instructions/or make a video to add to the post to make it easier for others to follow.

  2. Hi Mr. Webb and the students of Room 5,
    You left a friendly comment on our blog, and here is my reply:
    Yes, as our hemisphere tilts further away from the sun, it's our turn for winter. We have already seen snow on our local mountains, but it is rare to get it down here near the ocean. Our fall, winter, and much of our spring is grey and wet. Our daytime winter temperature averages about 5 degrees Celsius. Thank goodness our summers are warm and dry!
    I hope you and your students enjoyed a fun and restful end of term break.
    Ms. Smith