Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Room Five's 2013 PrEP Groups.

Sizzling Hot -  Our group is doing a sausage sizzle for 10 misms ( 5 misms = 1$) We are also selling sherbet for 7 misms and fizzy drinks for 6 misms. We also have a double sausage combo for 25 misms. We think our group will complete prep because we are all friends and we are experienced with prep from last year!

Hi our PrEP  group is called random we are selling Calendars for 20 misms, Bands 3 for 7 misms,Choco flowers 9 mism for 1, Candy floss small for 5 mism and large for 8 mism, Lollie packs small 5 mism and large for 10 mism, Pop-corn large 10 misms. Come along to our store!

Our PrEP group name is Slice of Heaven. We are selling Toffee Apples for 5 misms, Coconut ice 10 misms, Truffles 5 misms and Milkshakes for 10 misms. Our group has experience from PrEP last year. We have friendly people in our group. Our group is trustworthy. Our group will be placed by room 3 and  by the  playground. Come and see the slice of heaven.  PIMP SLICE OF HEAVEN FROM OUT OF SPACE...

The Little Piggys is the name of my PrEP group and we are selling pre-ordered drawings for 15 MISMS.  Japanese themed art for 10 MISMs, Jackson Pollock inspirted for 15 MISMS and Origami with a special surprize!   Our Origami expert is very well trained in all Origami and it is of the very BEST qulaity.  Our artist is very experienced and can won the hardest t wo.  Our drip painter isn't experiences but you dont have to be experienced to flick a paint brush over a page, how hard can it be.

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