Monday, October 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - PrEP is a week away!

Next week, on Thursday 24th October at Melville Intermediate School, we have our annual PrEP Market Day at School from 3:30-5:30pm. Melville Intermediate School will be open for the afternoon and our students are each running a stall/business selling items. DIY Crafters is one of the businesses that are based in Room Five this year.

Businesses are competing to produce the most profit, have the best customer service and have the innovative  product.
These products that are only display are the products that the group is making. This is their CEO explaining the products. We originally got the idea from pinterest and we didnt realise how many pre-orders we were going to get which right now we have 46. We have Smalls which are 10 misms, Mediums which are 25 misms and Larges that are 50 misms. For the past 2 weeks, while we've been on Holiday, I went to Jamies House early in the morning to late at night to work on the Dreamcatchers. It took us a while but sometimes we ended up making 8-10 a day. Jamie and I spent alot of time working on these and we've been having loads of fun while we've been making them. We didnt make them for the WHOLE Holidays, we stilled had some fun but we've put a lot of hard work into them and we've only done Half of Pre-Orders so we've still got lots of work to do.

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